Top 5 Restaurants in Las Vegas (All Budgets)

When I moved to Las Vegas almost 3 years ago (I can’t believe it!), my then-fiancé, now-husband and I didn’t have much money. I was still a college student, working an unpaid internship, and had put all my savings toward visa fees, plane tickets, and all moving-across-the-world expenses.  Fast forward to 6 months ago, IContinue reading “Top 5 Restaurants in Las Vegas (All Budgets)”

I Took a Solo Trip to Mexico

Although I don’t always travel solo, I have multiple times in the past. And as scary as it might sound, it’s actually extremely refreshing and empowering. With this blog post, I hope you will be able to break down all the misconceptions you may have about solo travel and hopefully take the leap yourself! OhContinue reading “I Took a Solo Trip to Mexico”

What to do on Oahu Island, Hawaii

You asked, I deliver. For those who don’t know, I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Hawaii. Back when my husband was my boyfriend, which is also around the time I lived in Sweden, he was living in Hawaii because of his work. And despite the plane tickets being so expensive from Europe toContinue reading “What to do on Oahu Island, Hawaii”

4 Eco-Friendly Things to do in Las Vegas

You wanna visit the famous city of Las Vegas, but you’re worried about giving money to a city that is well known for being so extra, therefore has a negative impact on the environment? Trust me, I get it. When my husband’s work relocated him to Las Vegas, I was concerned too. As a natureContinue reading “4 Eco-Friendly Things to do in Las Vegas”

How to Travel more Eco-Friendly

We live in an era where literally anything is possible. Our parents couldn’t have dreamed of traveling as much as we do. And let’s not even talk about our grandparents! It’s true that the world is getting smaller and smaller — we can visit pretty much any country on a budget. It’s absolutely amazing andContinue reading “How to Travel more Eco-Friendly”

A Few Tips for Newbie Solo Travelers

If I had waited for somebody to travel with me every single time I hopped on a plane, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I don’t consider myself a brave and bold person in general, so it took a lot of getting out of my comfort zone, planning, and putting myself out there. TheContinue reading “A Few Tips for Newbie Solo Travelers”

6 Steps to Learning a Foreign Language

Over 40% of the world’s population speak at least 2 languages fluently. 13% are trilingual — meaning they can speak 3 languages. Have you ever wished you spoke more than one language? More than two? Same here. Ever since I was a little girl, my biggest dream was to move abroad. I had family allContinue reading “6 Steps to Learning a Foreign Language”

Top 3 hikes in Las Vegas

As a small-French-town born-and-raised girl, I grew up thinking that Las Vegas was only about casinos, crazy nights out, and glitters. I only had in mind what we see in movies. The Hangover was pretty much the only idea I had of the city.  And it didn’t even cross my mind that it could beContinue reading “Top 3 hikes in Las Vegas”

My Ultimate in-Flight Starter Pack

After 6 years of traveling almost full-time, I can confidently say that I now master the In-Flight Essentials – what to pack in your carry-on or accessory for a plane ride. If you’re like me, then you have a tendency to be an over-packer. I learned the hard way that packing too many things resultContinue reading “My Ultimate in-Flight Starter Pack”

My favorite Travel Beauty Products

Before a trip, we all say that we’re gonna stick to our routines, especially our skincare routine. But weirdly enough – or not… -, skincare is the FIRST thing we give up on while traveling. It’s not convenient to bring everything we usually use at home, we don’t feel like we have the time toContinue reading “My favorite Travel Beauty Products”