Things to do in Vegas during Summer

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We all know that Vegas is mostly known for its crazy activities, The Strip, its shows, and nightclubs. But during summer, Sin City is more like Hell City… Temperatures start going up 110 degrees in May and only get down around September/October. Walking around Las Vegas Boulevard during the day can be really hard, and even dangerous for some people. 

Overall, I recommend always going outside with a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and water. At all times. Staying hydrated and protecting yourself from the sun will be beneficial for you long-term, but it will also help you enjoy your vacation in the city so much more!

I have heard that a lot of people usually avoid visiting Vegas during the summer for this specific reason. And as I understand it, I also know that not everyone can travel outside of summer break. So I gathered a few things that you can do in Las Vegas during summer. 

1. Visit an indoor museum or exhibit 

Photo by Romane Drake

When I permanently moved to Las Vegas a year ago – it will actually be a year next week, crazy how time flies!!! – I thought that it was so sad that the city didn’t have museums. Well… I was wrong. 

When I say that you can find pretty much anything and everything here, I mean it. 

I’m not gonna lie, it has nothing to do with French and European culture, but there’s still a lot to see and do indoors during the summer. 

I listed some of them below. Keep in mind that there are more and you’ll have to google them. But these are definitely the most visited and worth it in my opinion.

Titanic Artifacts Exhibit – Luxor Hotel & Casino
Bodies… The Exhibition – Luxor Hotel & Casino
Hunger Games Exhibit – MGM Grand
Van Gogh Immersive Experience – Area 15 
Cirque du Soleil – Bellagio, Treasure Island, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, NY NY, The Mirage
National Geographic Exhibit – Bally’s
Madame Tussauds Wax Museum – Venetian
Mob Museum – Downtown (next to Downtown Grand)
The Museum of Selfies – The Link Promenade
Arcadia Earth – Las Vegas Boulevard (next to M&M store)

You can also learn more about the Titanic Artifacts Exhibit in this blog post

Always keep an eye out for new opportunities. Everything changes so fast here in Vegas. For instance, Area 15 often has new exhibits. 

2. Go brewery hopping in Downtown Las Vegas

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Now, this is one of my favorite things to do here and I love taking people who visit us brewery hopping in the Art District.

Las Vegas is a melting pot of so many cultures, and it feels great to have a part of town that’s really focused on local businesses and that’s a little less crazy than the Strip or Fremont Street. 

The Art District is known for, obviously, its art galleries and street art. But it’s also home to many local boutiques, restaurants, thrift stores, antique stores, tattoo shops, and, of course, its breweries. By local, I mean that they are not chains and are locally owned. 

Here are some of my favorite breweries that you should check out in the Las Vegas Art District
• Nevada Brew Works
• Three Sheets Craft Beer Bar
• Servehzah Bottle Shop and Tap Room
• Able Baker Brewing 

Check out my free Vegas e-book for more about the Art District!

3. Go to a pool party

Photo by Tomy D.L.T

The only outdoor activity in this blog post, but it’s for a good reason: it’s in the water! I believe it’s also a good way to spend some real cliché Las Vegas time – and I mean cliché in the best way

If you’re 21 or older, go to a pool party with your friends! A lot of clubs have pools and are open during the day. 

Once again, don’t forget to protect your head, eyes, and face: the sun here is no joke! Stay hydrated as well. 

At the risk of disappointing you, I have to be honest. I’ve never been to a pool party in Vegas.

But then again it’s, like…why would I? I live here, I have two pools that are right downstairs from my apartment and free. I can invite friends over and have my own pool parties. 

BUT that’s exactly why I think you should go to one. I know how fun and needed it is to get in the water during a hot Vegas summer day.

Here are some clubs that are known to have some of the best pool parties around
Drai’s Beachclub – Cromwell
Wet Republic – MGM Grand
Tao Beach Dayclub – Venetian
Marquee Dayclub – Cosmopolitan
Encore Beach Club – Encore
Ayu Dayclub – Resorts World
Stadium Swim – Circa (Downtown LV)
Liquid Pool Lounge – Aria

There are more, obviously! Don’t forget to check out their websites beforehand because they aren’t opened every day of the week. Many people think that Vegas is a city that never sleeps, but it’s actually a misconception.

4. Go for a sunrise outdoor adventure 

Photo by Romane Drake

I strongly believe it would be a shame to let the weather stop you from seeing Vegas’ surroundings. The wilderness outside of the city is unlike anywhere else and 100% worth checking out.

Now, there IS a way to not feel like you’re melting under the sun while exploring the Great Nevada Outdoors, and I know it’s not everybody’s jam, but hear me out.

Go for sunrise.

Yes. Sunrise. I know it’s early, and that most of you visit Vegas to party, which means sunrise is probably when you’re getting back to your hotel.

Perks of going on a sunrise adventure
• The temperature is absolutely perfect
• You’ll be alone
• You’ll enjoy an absolute quiet time
• You’ll have the entire rest of the day to yourself

Here are some activities I recommend
• Kayaking
Visiting Red Rock Canyon or Valley of Fire
• Go to the Lake Mead beach
• Go golfing
• Visit the 7 magic Mountains 

If you’re not a big fan of outdoor movement, I highly recommend at least driving on the Red Rock Canyon scenic loop drive. It’s really close to the city and you’ll have amazing scenery while enjoying the comfort of your car’s A/C.

I hope you enjoyed this mini Vegas in Summer guide and that it will inspire you for your next trip to the city! Take a look at my FREE Las Vegas & Nevada travel e-book for 55 pages of inspiration on what to do and see in Las Vegas and Nevada in general!

As always, thank you for reading me. Let’s connect on Instagram and be friends! 

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French 24 year-old living abroad in Las Vegas, Nevada. I teach others to take the leap of faith and live their most extraordinary life. My mission is to guide you and inspire you to travel, get out there and explore.

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  1. Great mention about brewery hopping throughout the Arts District! Wanted to let you know that our company Las Vegas Brews Cruise provides expertly guided walking tours to those breweries and others that call that part of LV home. It’s a great insider experience for thirsty guests who would like all of the details arranged for them.


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