5 things I could never travel without

Photo by Rui Silvestre

As a frequent traveler, I find that there is nothing worse than missing something you feel like you NEED when you’re traveling – okay, I may be exaggerating here, but it’s really annoying! – I haven’t really backpacked anywhere so I always travel with suitcases and I can really put anything in them, so why wouldn’t I bring the things that I cannot thrive without? 

I also hate shopping for things I need when I’m traveling because the time spent in stores is less time spent exploring my destination.

I definitely consider myself a planner and I’m often over-organized – keyword “over”, because when something goes slightly wrong I freak out!! – but some things bring me peace of mind.

I THRIVE on routine, but we all know that traveling is 100% getting out of your comfort zone and breaking your habits. And as much as traveling SHOULD be about getting out of your comfort zone, there is no reason why you shouldn’t surround yourself with products that make you feel good and whole.

These 5 products help me stick to my main goals even when I’m breaking my routine and want to feel like I’m on vacation.

1. E-Reader

I owe my love for books to my mom, who is an obsessive reader – I think she reads 2 books a week and has done so since she was a teenager, I don’t even want to think about how many books she’s read – but as awesome as paper books are, they are also heavy and take a lot of space. 

I find that always having my Kobo with me when I travel not only makes it easier to read, but also makes me want to read more. Plus, it’s eco-friendly.

Waiting to board? Read.
Having coffee on the beach? Read.
No TV in your room? Read.

Also, being bilingual, I sometimes want to read in English or in French, or I simply want a new book or read the second book of a saga, but I don’t have a store nearby. Being able to download them directly on my Kobo is a lifesaver! It is super lightweight and all the adjustable settings can make you feel like you’re reading a real paper book.

2. Resistance bands

Photo by Romane Drake

Who else loves to work out but falls out of routine every time they travel? That used to be me, but not anymore!

I love to eat all the good food when I’m in a new country, but I still need a good balance. I personally never stayed in a hotel with a gym, so having my resistance bands with me – which, by the way, are extremely easy to pack because of how small and light they are – makes it easier for me to get a quick workout in while maintaining my weights.

There are endless quick workout videos on Youtube, and I try to stick to at least 3 30-minutes workouts per week while I’m traveling. I usually do an upper body day, then a leg day, and the third one is full body. I don’t worry at all about cardio because when I’m visiting a new place, I usually walk a lot and get 20,000 steps in every day.

With that being said: you get easily get your workouts in even when you’re traveling. Just pack your resistance bands instead of weights and a mat – trust me, some people do that

3. Slippers

Photo by Toa Heftiba

Okay, I know this one might sound weird, but hear me out.

Bring a pair of slippers. 

Once again, these are very lightweight and usually foldable. You can’t say you don’t have a spot for those in your luggage.

However, you can and WILL say that you’re missing them if you don’t bring them.

Is there a worst feeling than coming back to your hotel after a hike, an entire day walking in the city, or an afternoon at the beach, taking a shower, and then having to walk barefoot on a sandy or dirty floor?

Well, probably, but you know my point. My point is:

Is there a better feeling than coming back to your hotel after a hike, an entire day walking in the city, or an afternoon at the beach, taking a shower, and then having slippers to wear around your room and feel cozy?

Bottom line: bring slippers on your next trip, and thank me later.

4. Sleeping mask

Photo by Annie Spratt

I already mentioned the benefits of bringing a sleeping mask on a plane in my post “How to survive a long-haul flight”, but I’ll repeat it if you need to hear it twice – well, in this case, read it twice – :

It is a must.

Not only will it help you prevent jet lag by sleeping in-flight, but it will also help you sleep so much better once you’ve arrived at your destination by making you sleep longer in the morning and therefore fighting jet lag quicker than average.

If you want a soft and cute-looking sleeping mask, DM me on my sewing account.

5. Face SPF

Photo by David Lezcano

We all know when we are not home and not in our regular routine, skincare is the FIRST thing to fall off routine. But if there is ONE thing that you need to stick to, it is indeed SPF.

And that is especially true and all the more important on vacation because we are outside and in the sun so much.

When I was a teenager, I remember vividly having spotless skin all summer, and as soon as I was back to school in September, my acne acted up for months. 

My dermatologist explained to me how the sun has the power to dry out your skin to the point where all imperfections are gone. But the problem is that as soon as this sun exposure is over, they all come back like craaaaazy. And I felt it. 

Sticking to your SPF routine will go a long way, trust me. Plus, let’s face it, you don’t want to have wrinkles all over your face at 40 years old – don’t get me wrong, not that wrinkles are bad!! but we would all be pretty happy if we could get them to come a little later in life


Here are some items I also highly recommend traveling with! I found that they all come in handy at some point during a trip. 

• Tote bag
• Silk pillowcase
• Portable charger
• Disinfecting wipes
• Plug adapter if needed
• Hand cream

What is one thing that you cannot travel without? Let me know in the comment section below!

As always, thank you for reading me and I hope you were inspired by this post and that you learned something!

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