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Let me guide you through changing your life through travel. Whether your dream is to move abroad, finally get out there and explore, or simply travel but you have no one to go with you, my mission is to show you that all of this is possible and to teach you how to start! Keep reading for more!

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Romane works with outdoors, sustainable and fashion brands. She aims to inspire YOU to take the leap of faith and travel, explore the Great Outdoors, move abroad: simply live your most extraordinary life! Born and raised in France, she now lives in Las Vegas with her husband, cute puppy, and kitty. She loves to show the other side of Las Vegas: the parts they don’t show you in movies or social media. She is passionate about travel blogging, outdoor photography, live concerts, sewing, and saving the planet. Her mission online is to help others travel and explore ethically & in style, as well as guide them through the process of moving abroad, as wide as this topic can be. Click here to read her story and find out why she is qualified to teach this and how to get started. She’s super excited to share this journey with you!

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Let me walk through my latest adventures. Find travel guides, travel stories, and everything you need to know about moving and living abroad, being a content creator, living a sustainable life, and exploring life one adventure at a time!

Romane Drake

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Romane Drake
24 years old
Outdoor photographer &
Content Creator


Based in Las Vegas, Nevada,
United States